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      Job requirements:

        Recruitment of AVIC students

        I. application method

        (I) for online application, log in to the official website of Zhongyi Aviation Co., Ltd. http://www.littlesharky.com through the computer or mobile terminal, and click on the corresponding "college student recruitment brief" under the "talent recruitment" page.

        (2) the registration time is from today to 16:00 on December 29, 2019.

        II. Application conditions

        (1) male, those who graduated in 2019 or before (mainly in science and Engineering) with bachelor's degree or above or corresponding overseas degree recognized by the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China (foreign degree must pass the foreign degree certification of the overseas education service center of the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China); those who do not accept private colleges, professional upgrading, adult higher education (out of production, semi out of production learning), higher education The undergraduate degree of self-study examination shall be applied for application; the adult higher education in the form of correspondence learning, open education in TV University, online university and other forms of adult continuing education shall not be accepted; the major of science and engineering shall be preferred, and the major of art and sports shall not be introduced.

        (2) the age of undergraduates is not more than 24 years old (born on January 1, 1996 and later), and that of postgraduates is not more than 26 years old (born on January 1, 1993 and later);

        (3) language: there is no relevant English certificate at the time of application. Before entering the aviation school, English must reach CET-4 (425 points) or equivalent English level (TOEIC 500 points, new TOEFL 75 points, IELTS 5.0, BEC intermediate level) or above, with good listening, speaking, reading and writing ability;

        (IV) the physical conditions meet the relevant requirements of the code for physical examination and appraisal of civil aviation enrollment flight students (MH / T 7013-2017), including but not limited to:

        1. Height not less than 170 cm, not more than 187 cm;

        2. Body mass index (BMI) 18 ≤ BMI (weight kg / height ㎡) ≤ 24;

        3. The far vision (according to the C-chart) of any naked eye of both eyes shall not be less than 0.1, and the myopia shall be within 450 degrees; there shall be no strabismus, color blindness, color weakness, etc.; corneal refractive surgery is allowed, and the preoperative diopter shall not be more than - 4.5d - + 3D, and the postoperative naked eye vision shall not be less than 0.9, without color blindness, color weakness, and strabismus;

        4. No history of serious carsickness or seasickness; no family history of psychosis or history of epilepsy;

        (5) to support the party's line, principles and policies, love the socialist motherland, have a cheerful personality, be positive and have strong team cooperation ability and English communication ability, and volunteer to devote to the civil aviation industry;

        (6) those who have passed the civil aviation class I physical examination are preferred. Do not accept the personnel who have the medical examination records of the last station of civil aviation.

        III. application process

        (I) online registration → resume pre selection (the candidates who pass the resume pre selection will receive the interview SMS or the notice in the recruitment website) → → interview and physical examination (to be determined, the specific time and place shall be subject to the notice of China Eastern recruitment network) → → background investigation → signing the training agreement.

        (II) after the pre selection of resumes, the candidates will be informed to participate in the interview, physical examination, background investigation and other related matters in batches by SMS.

        (3) after passing the interview, physical examination and background investigation, the candidates shall be selected for admission, signing the flight student training agreement with Zhongyi aviation or other civil aviation companies, and arranging the flight technical professional training to relevant domestic institutions (China Civil Aviation Flight College, China Civil Aviation University, etc.).

        IV. training cost level treatment

        According to the training agreement signed by both parties, all the training expenses shall be borne by the contracted Airlines (about 1.2 million yuan), and other expenses shall be borne by the flight students themselves according to the relevant regulations of the flight school for training, and the training allowance shall be given to the students every month during the training period. The training period is 18 months. During the study period, about 3500 yuan will be subsidized every month, including food and housing. After taking the post, seven insurances and two benefits will be paid, with an annual salary of 300000-1.5 million.

        V. work distribution

        The work place shall be subject to the company's arrangement, and the airline will make unified allocation according to the overall strategic plan and the current situation of flight manpower.

        Vi. precautions

        (I) materials to be brought during the interview:

        1. One one inch color photo without crown (without technical processing);

        2. Original and photocopy of ID card and foreign language certificate; for previous graduates, please bring the original and photocopy of diploma and degree certificate and one copy of my resume;

        3. Black signing pen (not ballpoint pen);

        (II) interview appearance and dress requirements:

        1. During the interview, wear light colored shirt, dark coat, trousers and leather shoes;

        2. The hair should not cover the ears.

        (III) please keep the mobile phone unblocked after the interview, and the company will issue relevant notices through the SMS platform.

        (4) if the applicant is found to have falsified his / her personal information and certificates, he / she shall be disqualified from the job application immediately after verification.

        (5) candidates who fail to attend the interview, physical examination, political examination and other links as arranged by the company will be deemed to have given up automatically and will not be employed.

        (VI) if you have any other questions, you can call 024-67860880 / 31062733 or email (email: hkzhongyi@163.com, please mark "college student recruitment in 2019" for consultation).

        VII. Special statement

        1. Zhongyi Aviation Co., Ltd. has never entrusted or authorized any individual, school or institution to recruit for relevant positions. Candidates do not need to pay any form of recommendation fee, intermediary fee, introduction fee and deposit. Please be more vigilant and don't be deceived.

        2. Zhongyi Aviation Co., Ltd. has always been committed to creating a fair, fair and open interview environment for the vast number of applicants through various methods such as recruitment process optimization, information technology transformation and upgrading.


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