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      Business Item

      Operating projects

      Aviation Vocational Skills Training

      1. Maintenance of locomotives All personnel who enter civil aviation and navigation units to engage in aircraft maintenance work need to obtain a civil aircraft maintenance personnel license. If they have a license, they have the right to sign and release the aircraft. The certificate must pass the written examination, oral examination and basic skills examination. After the training center has passed the basic maintenance skills training and passed the examination, it will obtain CCAR-147 certificate of basic maintenance skills training approved by the China Civil Aviation Administration issued by the training center. The certificate is valid for a long time and can replace the certificate of civil aircraft maintenance personnel. According to the results of the basic skills test.

      The specific training contents are as follows:

      Serial number

      Course content

      Serial number

      Course content


      Safety protection of outfield and workshop




      Maintenance manual and documents


      Sheet metal processing


      Use of common tools and measuring 



      Hard/flexible road construction


      Use of common electronic 

      and electrical test equipment


      Disassembly and inspection of transmission parts


      Protection of electrostatic

       sensitive components / parts


      Maintenance of bearings


      Standard line construction


      Grease, ointment and fluid


      Simple electronic circuit making


      Sealing and corrosion protection


      Aviation battery


      Welding and bonding


      Fastener disassembly and safety


      Disassembly and assembly of aircraft components 


      Training cost
      The total training fee is 20000 yuan, including examination fee.
      According to the requirements of laws and regulations, students who fail in the exam are allowed to take a make-up exam once, and a supplementary exam fee of 350 yuan is required.

      2. Pilot training

      Flying is never a distant dream

      Experience flying

      Achieve everyone's flying dream!

      It's not just a brief lift off

      It's not just propaganda photos in the circle of friends

      You will have a chance to be a professional pilot

      China Yihang has set up a small class of exquisite flight experience courses. The real flight experience absolutely meets your driving pleasure, and enables you to get more flight knowledge in the shortest time to embark on the voyage of a quasi captain.

      Model introduction

      (1) Germany c42e
      C42 is a light sport aircraft with two seater, single wing, three blade propeller and single engine developed by German Comco Ikarus company. It is equipped with a complete parachute and can be equipped with pontoons and sledges. Simple operation, good operation and high safety.

      (2) diamond DA40D
      Diamond DA40D, a four seat single engine piston aircraft imported from Austria, has obtained triple certification from FAA, EASA and CAAC. Backup instrument system, power redundancy system, high antiknock fuel system and other protection measures designed for flight safety will protect your flight safety all the time.

      Activity flow

      1. Explain aviation theoretical knowledge

      2. Flight assignment

      3. Flight safety training

      4. Flight experience

      5. Teacher comment interaction

      Perception flight

      Flight class: you will feel the flight from the first perspective, understand the normal flight procedures, and feel the three-axis attitude changes (roll, deflection, pitch). Sit close to the captain and watch the captain control the climb, descent, turning and other actions. Your perception in three-dimensional space will be different from that on the ground. Constantly changing between freedom and control, experience the charm of flying!

      There are strange and novel radio instructions coming from the earphone. It will be unforgettable for you to say "ready for take off" to the tower and soar to the sky.

      Take off and landing

      Flight class: takeoff and landing are the most important and difficult links in the flight process. The way for pilots to learn can be said to start from continuous practice of takeoff and landing. The change of wind direction, wind speed, ground temperature, air pressure and other factors will lead to the change of takeoff and landing operations. If you want to take off cleanly or finish landing smoothly and accurately, you need to study hard.

      Special handling in the air

      Flight class: when you have learned aviation knowledge and flight principle and mastered certain flight action essentials, you should know that flight is not always smooth. When an excellent pilot is faced with a special situation in the air, he should be calm and self-confident, and ensure flight safety needs repeated special training. The instructor will demonstrate how to deal with the failure of the trilateral engine and the teaching practice.

      Graduation assessment flight

      Finally, the flight instructor will review the previous flight courses with each student, and complete the operation procedures of this flight with each student. After that, students who experience flying will get flying growth documentary.

      Safety guarantee

      The flight is carried out by regular Airlines recognized by ccar91 of CAAC

      The formal take-off and landing site approved by CAAC, and perfect flight preparation and plan

      Senior pilots over 3000 hours escort you

      National top maintenance team provides you with release permit

      The aircraft has passed strict airworthiness examination

      C42 with complete parachute

      2 million per seat

      Experience location: Shenyang fakucaihu Airport

      Contact us: 024-67860880

      3. Crew training

      I. Introduction to the organization:

      The crew training department of Zhongyi Aviation Co., Ltd. is a department specialized in the interview training and employment of flight attendants, safety officers, airport ground handling security inspection and other civil aviation posts. The training base is equipped with various types of aviation simulators and simulation cabins. With professional course content, authoritative teacher system, scientific teaching mode, diverse teaching tools, and extensive cooperation between the airlines, it is dedicated to Strive for the practical training, trial and innovation of the training mode of civil aviation elites, and truly realize the high connection between the personnel training standard and the requirements of the aviation enterprise's employment. The purpose is to train excellent civil aviation elites for the aviation enterprise, and let more young people with flying dreams soar in the sky.

      2. Course Introduction:

      1. Zero starting point · short training course for flight attendants

      The flight attendants and retired flight attendants attend lectures in person, with the on-site guidance of the examiner level teachers and large class teaching, so as to comprehensively improve the test-taking ability of the students in the flight interview.

      Training time: 7 days

      Training cost: 6800 (including class fee, insurance fee, clothing fee, teaching material fee, etc.)

      2. Zero starting point · flight crew employment training class

      Industry experts give lectures in person, examiners' on-site guidance, small class teaching, one-to-one guidance, simulation cabin training, targeted to solve the "difficult and miscellaneous problems" in the interview of trainees, and comprehensively improve the test-oriented ability of flight attendants (safety officers) in all aspects of the interview. The training is to sign an employment agreement, 100% employment, without full refund, and accompanied by a special person to participate in the interview, Free from all worries.

      All participants will participate in the "National University civil aviation service skills competition", at which time, there will be more than 20 domestic and foreign airlines for on-site recruitment! The competition has been successfully held for eight consecutive times since 2011. The total number of successful employees has reached more than 80000, the lift off rate is 86.8%, and the employment rate is as high as 100%!

      Training time: 15 days

      Training cost: 60000 (including class fee, insurance fee, clothing fee, teaching material fee, etc.)

      III. introduction to training courses:

      1. Basic knowledge of civil aviation, basic knowledge of flight attendants, overview of domestic airlines, career planning of flight attendants

      Course content: make trainees have a full understanding of civil aviation and air crew at home and abroad, formulate career planning according to their own characteristics, and recommend the most suitable airlines for trainees based on the actual situation of each airline.

      2. Makeup guidance for flight interview, aviation service etiquette and body training, speech and eloquence, efficient communication

      Course content: the senior stewardess and makeup etiquette teacher of the airline company will teach the basic literacy, makeup, pan head, wearing, body, aviation service etiquette and other related knowledge of the flight attendants, one-on-one coach each student to master various skills, help improve personal quality, and shape the stewardess' temperament.

      Teachers from China media university teach speech and eloquence, rapidly improve students' logical thinking ability, language expression ability, communication ability and Putonghua level, improve students' speech level, aura, typhoon and eloquence, shape their professional image, make students not afraid of interview, and deal with it easily.

      3. Quick completion of cabin English, cabin Chinese and English broadcasting words, Chinese and English self introduction

      Course content: it is taught by the English teacher of the airline company. It is designed for each student to introduce themselves in Chinese and English, explain the Chinese and English broadcast words and flight English, quickly improve the English level of the students, and overcome the English key of interview.

      4. Full analysis of flight attendant interview process, full analysis of flight attendant interview practical skills, psychological guidance for flight attendant interview, flight attendant interview scenario simulation

      Course content: the interview examiner of the airline company gives a lecture in person, summarizes many years of experience in the interview of flight attendants, brings the interview pass secret script full of dry goods for the trainees, restores the real scene of the interview of flight attendants in the simulation interview, brings the interview experience in person for the trainees, observes the shortcomings and deficiencies of the trainees, corrects them in time, and enables the trainees to quickly find the interview status and feeling.

      4. Application requirements:


      18-25 years old

      Born from July 1, 1994 to December 31, 2001


      College degree or above recognized by the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China is not limited to majors. The examination of academic qualifications shall be subject to xuexin.com.cn; full-time academic qualifications shall obtain the graduation certificate before September 1, 2021; part-time academic personnel (including self-study examination, modern distance network education, adult higher education, etc.) shall provide the graduation certificate when applying.


      Boys 175-185cm girls 164-175cm


      The corrected visual acuity of the steward shall be more than 0.5 in C-chart

      The safety officer's naked vision shall be above 0.7 in C-chart


      There is no obvious scar and tattoo on the naked part of the body, no color blindness, color weakness, strabismus, infectious disease, mental history, and no criminal history of the immediate family members.

      V. training site:

      Salary and treatment of flight attendants in 2019 (basic post)

      1. China Eastern Airlines: 10900-16000 yuan

      2. Air China: 9600-16550 yuan

      3. China Southern Airlines: 6080-15700 yuan

      4. Xiamen Airlines: 8900-18500 yuan

      5. Hainan Airlines: 7800-14000 yuan

      6. Shenzhen Airlines: 5900-14050 yuan

      7. Sichuan Airlines: 6280-15080 yuan

      8. Spring Airlines: 8450-11190 yuan

      9. Huaxia Airlines: 8700-12300 yuan

      10. Shandong Airlines: 6500-13360 yuan

      11. Nine yuan aviation: 7700-14800 yuan

      12. East China Sea Airlines: 8860-13000 yuan

      13. Capital Airlines: 6300-10700 yuan

      14. Tianjin Airlines: 6000-10300 yuan

      15. Aokai Airlines: 6800-14100 yuan

      4. Civil aviation security inspection training

      Certification training for civil aviation primary security inspectors

      The work of civil aviation security inspection includes the safety technical inspection of passengers and their luggage, other personnel and their articles entering the waiting area, as well as air cargo and mail; the safety monitoring of personnel and articles in the waiting area; and the supervision of civil aircraft performing flight tasks.

      The way to obtain the security inspection certificate: take part in the monthly security inspector training course of the training college authorized by North China Bureau, complete the security inspection course study, and obtain it after passing the assessment.

      Number of trainees:

      Training cost: 6800 yuan (including registration fee, vocational qualification certificate fee, assessment fee, training materials and training materials fee, security inspection and practical operation, management fee, vocational skill appraisal fee, accommodation fee, etc. (the cost of employment and resettlement shall be calculated separately).

      Application materials:

      1. Copy of ID card (front and back);

      2. Photocopy of graduation certificate or provide e-student registration form on learning information network;

      3. 4 electronic and the same paper-based photos of the big one inch blue background;

      4. Fill in the civil aviation professional identification form.

      Training hours: 300 hours

      Training period: 1.5 months (3 months from training to certificate issuance)

      Application conditions:

      1. Between the ages of 18-24 (inclusive), there is no illegal criminal record, which meets the relevant requirements of the provisions on background investigation of civil aviation.

      2. Height male: 172cm-183cm female: 162cm-175cm

      Weight: well proportioned.

      3. Education background: college degree or above that can be found on xuexin.com, about to graduate or already graduated

      Assessment time: once every March, June and December. If there is any increase, make temporary adjustment.


      1. Take the post after passing the examination, and the monthly salary during the internship is 3000 yuan.

      2. Regular monthly salary above 4500 (with performance salary and bonus)

      3. According to personal ability, take the qualification examination of junior, intermediate and senior security inspectors year by year.

      The monthly salary of the intermediate security inspector is about 6000 (with benefit salary and bonus)

      Senior security inspector's monthly salary is about 9000 (plus benefit salary and bonus)

      4. Accommodation arranged by the company during the work period

      5. UAV training

      Civil UAV driver training organization certificate

      Authorized by CAAC and approved by China AOPA Association (China aircraft owners and Pilots Association), it is a professional UAV in / out of sight pilot training institution.

      Training period and course

      (I) training period:

      Classes begin on the 20th of every month, and take part in the national UAV driver qualification examination on the 15th of the next month. Each training period is 15-25 days.

      (II) training courses: theoretical and practical courses are interlaced:

      1. theory

      Study the Interim Provisions on the management of pilots of civil unmanned aerial vehicle system and the aviation knowledge Manual of UAV pilots.

      (1) understand the flight regulations of relevant civil aviation regulations, airspace management and flight control declaration flight airspace and airport related facilities;

      (2) knowledge of main system components of UAV;

      (3) aerodynamics basis and flight principle of aircraft;

      (4) Meteorology, including the identification of critical weather conditions, procedures for obtaining meteorological data and the use of aviation weather reports and forecasts;

      (5) UAV system general emergency operation procedures, UAV task planning and implementation, and UAV system safety standard operation instructions;

      2. UAV driving practice

      (1) pre flight preparation, arrangement and installation of UAV system; pre takeoff inspection, use and maintenance of battery charging and discharging; post flight inspection, storage mode of UAV system;

      (2) basic skill training of entry-level model;

      (3) test movement training of test model;

      (4) assembly, disassembly and routine maintenance of UAV; commissioning and use of remote controller and ground station;

      3. Training driver level

      Class III multi rotor, class V multi rotor, oil driven direct drive multi rotor (large)

      (1) driver within sight distance: 20 days.

      (2) over the horizon driver: 25 days.

      (3) category V multi rotor pilot: 15 days.

      (4) Dazhong oil powered direct drive multi rotor UAV (15 days for the basis of electric UAV)

      Gift: UAV assembly, debugging, maintenance and repair courses.

      CAAC organizes an AOPA certification test on 15th and 16th of each month, and obtains the AOPA certificate after passing.

      Enrollment target

      Junior high school degree or above, age 16-45 years old, no disease affecting the safety of UAV driving, no criminal record.

      1. Transfer to work, veterans. Non commissioned officers and soldiers with experience in aviation maintenance and grass-roots leading are preferred;

      2. Relevant organs, enterprises and individual employees in agriculture, forestry, fire control, transportation, electric power, land, public security, environmental protection, radio and television and other industries;

      3. UAV personnel engaged in or committed to agriculture, forestry and plant protection, low altitude logistics, aerial photography, power line patrol, national defense and military, etc;

      4. Aviators who have strong interest in aircrafts, UAVs and robots and have not obtained UAV pilot certificate;

      5. For students or graduates of colleges and universities, fans of aeromodelling are preferred;

      Employment opportunities and benefits

      1. Employment direction:

      Agricultural, forestry and plant protection, logistics and transportation, police fire fighting, emergency rescue, power line patrol, oil pipeline patrol, aerial photo, aerial survey, flight test, test, UAV teaching and training, UAV technical services, etc.

      2. Employment skills:

      It can not only operate the electric UAV, but also operate the oil UAV. It has also mastered many skills of UAV test, installation, maintenance and repair.

      3. Employment opportunities:

      Emerging industries, with large demand, lack of pilots, preconceived, and many opportunities.

      4. Employment income:

      Post salary + operation Commission (working hour fee), monthly salary in peak season is more than ten thousand yuan.


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