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      Feeder aviation

      China Yihang mainly operates Xinzhou 600 aircraft and branch line operations. It has the advantages of economy, convenience, high efficiency, environmental protection and safety of civil aviation short-distance transportation; on the basis of Shenyang area as the center, it establishes double operation bases, radiates the surrounding areas, vigorously develops the aviation branch industry, and comprehensively develops point by point. We will establish an integrated economic community around the Bohai Sea economic circle, connect Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia internally, and connect North Korea, South Korea, Outer Mongolia and the Far East of Russia externally to create a two-hour financial and trade Golden Circle. To promote the overall development of Liaoning's economy, finance, culture, tourism, transportation, education, manufacturing and service with the aviation industry, so as to give full play to the advantages of the aviation industry chain of the old industrial base, revitalize the northeast economy, and based on this model, radiate the whole country from the northeast.


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