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      Pilot's Daily Things


      Recommended to pilots and quasi-pilots of small ways, may also be useful to everyone!
      1. Food: Recommend a very convenient, cheap and healthy radiation-proof dish: coriander salad kelp pigskin. Method: Wash the kelp, boil it in boiling water for five minutes, drain the water, add the boiled pork skin and mix it with sugar, vinegar, chicken essence, soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of red oil, hot pepper, monosodium glutamate (garlic paste is optional), mix it with the washed raw coriander and a handful of oil-fried peanut rice, and put it aside for two to three hours. It can not only resist radiation, but also repair skin burned by the hot sun. In addition, a cup of coffee with milk can be added to the convenience of the aircraft. Coffee can play a certain role in radiation protection, but should not drink more than 5 cups a day, too much addiction, increase the burden on the liver. So add a little milk to coffee, not only good to drink radiation protection, but also refreshing.
      2. Protective articles:
      1) Elastic circulatory socks: These socks are used for the treatment of varicose veins. They can give sustained pressure to both legs and reduce the functional damage of venous valves. The main purpose is to alleviate the influx of blood to the lower limbs due to inertia caused by the acceleration of the aircraft. As the pressure of lower limb volume vessels increases, most of the blood is concentrated in the volume vessels of upper limb and trunk, which can effectively reduce the possibility of heart failure caused by the sudden increase of cardiac return volume.
      2) Radiation-proof clothing: The most common radiation-proof clothing on the market is for pregnant women to prevent electromagnetic radiation in life from causing congenital damage to the fetus. The radiation-proof clothing we are talking about here is lead-containing. It's easy to see in the exhibition of medical devices. It's OK to choose a lead equivalent.
      3) Radiation accumulator: It is a kind of instrument that can accumulate all kinds of rays. It is very small, but very expensive. The general market price is about 2000 yuan. When flying, you can accumulate the radiation you receive on your body. After a period of time, you can count it once to guide you to arrange your recuperation time reasonably.
      3. Tips: Skillful use of small towels. The high altitude environment humidity is very low, many pilots have had the feeling of itching and dry mouth. At this time, soak the towel with warm water and cover it on the mouth and nose for 2-3 minutes to breathe, which can supplement the moisture of the respiratory tract and enhance the activity of the respiratory tract cilia.


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