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      Commonly Used Skills for Freshly Boarded Pilots

      Just boarding flight cadets notice that when they first fly five sides, they always see an increase in airspeed when turning. They can't keep a steady turning at a certain airspeed as the coach said.


      General Aviation Mission Approval and Management Provisions

      People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, civil aviation regional administrations, air traffic administrations, general airlines, military regions and arms, academies of military sciences, national defense universities, national defense science and technology universities, and armed police forces:


      Civil Aviation Administration's Measures on Accelerating the Development of General Aviation

      Scientific Planning for General Aviation Development, Making Special Development Plans for General Aviation in the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, and Overall Planning for the Construction of General Aviation Policy and Regulation System during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period


      Representation on Safety Height of Aerial Photographic Aircraft

      Your company's "Request for Safe Altitude in Use of Aerial Photographic Aircraft" has been received. Now the King of the Air, the Otter and the Transport-12 aircraft are supplemented by the following provisions for the safety altitude of aerial photography flight.


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